Artist Statement

When my grandmother was alive she was quiet, ever watchful, and still. Looking back I have often felt upset that she was not as vocal as her daughters. As I picture her sitting quietly with her hand holding her head up, I begin to wonder. Was she not ready to talk? Did she refuse? Or was she just waiting for the right moment to speak? I remember her whispering under her breath, behind her hand. One of her favorite sayings still rings in my ear, “Cada cabeza es su propio mundo.” In my work, I often present moments of listening, of contemplating, of deciding, “What will be next?”

As way to document the lives I’ve witnessed, particularly those of my ancestors. I paint as a way of honoring a person’s existence and to make visible the mark they have imprinted upon me and the environment–a legacy they’ve left for me and those to come. Intimacy abounds in the lives I encounter and whether she is a grandparent, an activist, neighbor or a friend, I aim to articulate their story. Thus, my artwork extracts the inherent liminality of a moment before I commit that space and time to the images I extract from their lives–a moment drives us to act.

Using posture, symbols and hot and cold colors I provide the viewer with a visual articulation of the interweaving delight and pathos that is our human structure. My artwork tells our stories.

As a child of the carpas, I am connected to art as a visual performer to manifest my work as an artista and muralista. As a set and graphic designer I unveil. It is this inheritance that compels me to I create the forward movement of my people through colorful portraits and murals, using bold brushstrokes, often painting women who have a strong sense of self, even if even in their silence. For me, it is important to represent women in a strong manner and to illustrate the dignity I witness in them everyday. My work reflects my activism as I give voice to mental health and immigration issues.

I believe in the social importance of art. It is the most accessible way to protest, love, heal, and learn. The way we share our stories, the voices we choose to manifest our passion, hurt, anger, sadness, love, hope, and heritage has the power to fortify our human relationship with one another. Understanding emotions increases the quality of our existence in the multicultural landscape we occupy. Through my artwork and paintings I provide the viewer a visual articulation of emotions.